• The Vital Ingredient

    Fibrisol specialises in the whole range of functional blends required for the manufacture of any whole muscle, reformed, emulsified, cooked or raw/fresh meat product.

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  • Processed Cheese | Leading Brand Names

    Fibrisol provides the leading emusifying salts for processed cheese namely, JOHA®, SOLVA® and BEKAPLUS®

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  • Noodles - We've got you covered

    Fibrisol Service Australia offers a wide range of solutions, especially designed for the manufacture of noodle products.

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Fibrisol Service Australia | Company Profile

Fibrisol Service Australia is an internationally recognised company and brand name, owned by BK Giulini GmbH based in Germany. Fibrisol along with the other global brands of TARI®, FIBRICURE®, BRIFISOL®, MIANJIA®, SOLVA®, JOHA®, TARISPICE®, TARIMIX®, TAROMA®, BEKAPLUS®, LEVONA®, BEKABAKE® and others are leading functional ingredients systems in their fields within the food industry.

As part of a global organisation, Fibrisol has access to leading edge technology and global expertise in the food manufacturing area.

Our customers in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and South East Asia benefit from the vast international knowledge base we can draw upon. We are proud of our state-of-the-art blending facilities in Melbourne, Australia and the sophisticated R&D facilities which offers our customers innovative technological excellence and solutions.

The representation of the most innovative casings company in Germany, Kalle Gmbh completes our approach as innovative supplier to the food industry.

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